Introducing the Nike Magista: Football Will Never Be The Same

Last week, Barcelona saw the launch of Nike’s latest game changing creation which is sure to take the football world by storm. They have redefined what a football boot should look like and the way in which it should perform. Introducing the Nike Magista.

The boot has received a mix reaction from players and it is the same in the Lovell Soccer office. Some instantly took a liking to the boot whilst others are yet to be convinced by the innovative design so it will be interesting to see just how the boot performs once it debuts on the pitch.

It took Nike four years of research and development to create the Magista and you can see why. From the designs and the materials used to the technology incorporated within, the American brand have broken the traditional football boot boundaries.

One of the main features of the Magista is the introduction of Flyknit technology. Nike have used Flyknit technology for many years now on their running shoes but have now bought it over to their football boots. Flyknit technology delivers unprecedented feel, fit and control by creating a second-skin, sock-like feel and allows for strength and support to be knitted directly into the boot. Another feature that you will notice is the mid-cut Dynamic Fit Collar, allowing for a more locked-down fit and increased awareness of the body’s movements and interaction with the ground and ball.

Nike Magista at Lovell Soccer

The boot has a 3D-knit textured upper which is quite rough on the outside so it increases friction between the boot and the ball. Over the top of the Flyknit, Nike have applied, NIKESKIN to protect the wearers feet from the wet and cold. The NIKESKIN has also been used on the HyperVenom range to aid control and protect the Flyknit tech.

Nike Magista at Lovell Soccer

Another fantastic new feature incorporated into the design is that of Brio cables, providing additional strength and lock-down for multi-directional movement. These are knitted directly in to the one-upper and lock the eyelet into the outsole. Fully equipped with All Conditions Control (ACC), this aids the grip between the boot and ball for high performance control in all conditions so no part of the season is off limits.

For 360° rotational traction, Nike have given the Magista a Pebax nylon plate with a conical stud pattern. These allow the wearer to move in multiple directions whilst controlling the ball. Developed for optimum performance, compressed nylon delivers a highly responsive plate that brings strength but without compromising on weight. The Pebax also allows for increased movement and flex to assist in outperforming your opponents.

Nike Magista at Lovell Soccer

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